Expedition Glacialis represents the Swiss Cetacean Society – SCS, a 24 years old Swiss NGO.

They have extensive experience in logistics, scientific research, participative science and marine mammal conservation. I have been a member of this society since 2016. This association only works with volunteers. The SCS’s mission is to protect marine mammals and sea life all around the world.

Some of their projects include sea turtles in the Comores, monk seals in Mauritania, mangroves in the Comores, Vaquita in Mexico, EAR (acoustics project) and Humpback dolphins in Goa.

Expedition Glacialis will add a polar touch to their expertise. You can learn more about all the projects in this folio

If you want to experience the life of a marine mammal observer at sea you can join them during their summer eco volunteer expeditions.

I did it in 2017 and you can read an article from Migros Magazine about such an adventure here: La suisse aux service des cétacés. There is also some nice videos produced by Ivan Martin here about the eco volunteer expedition and the SCS Guide. When I joined, we stayed on the PAT, a 12ft sailing boat with 10 amazing people and we collected surface microplastics sample for our scientific partner Oceaneye (our actual partner for the Glacialis expedition). 

We also saw sperm whale, fin whales, common and bottlenose dolphins and were lucky enough to have good cook and a cameraman on board, Maurizio di Donato who also leads a project by the way: connect whale. I can only highly recommend such human and wildlife experience for anybody who wants to contribute to the research at their level while having an amazing time at sea and learning new skills.  

If you are passionate about the sea and marine mammals, you can also become an SCS Guide, after a few steps of practical and theoretical training, you will officially be able to guide an expedition yourself. Please see with Alexandre De Titta a biologist and ornithology expert to the SCS.

And if you want to learn more about Marine biology, Charlotte Bellot, marine biologist, will deliver an online course about cetaceans this winter.

There are also regular classes and presentations on topics related to marine mammals (Photo-ID. Don’t hesitate to register to their newsletter By writing to them at scs@swisscetaceansociety.org) or become a member to support one of our/their projects. All your money will be spent on animal protection and a very small amount will be allocated to identify cetaceans. You can also download their free app to identify cetacean at sea.

Finally, we are very grateful to Dr. Christine Vincenzetti, fundraising advisor of the SCS who helped us for our grant application and to Max-Olivier Bourcoud, the Swiss Cetacean Society founder and president for his support.

The SCS also has well-known partners (CIESM, ACCOBAMS, RAMOGE, IUCN, Tethys, World Cetacean Alliance WCA, longitude 181 Nature and Friend of the Sea) who will help us develop efficient protocols.

If you want more information about the SCS don’t hesitate to contact Virginie or write directly to the SCS website.