Welcome on board !!

This first video is our crowdfunding video made in March 2021.

In this video, you will see the overall project and our intention with the Glacialis expedition!

Again thank you to everyone who trusted and supported us!

Below you will see the 3 video logbooks and the real expedition that took place from May to September 2021!

Come on board with us!

In this first episode, you will meet the team, see our preparation during two months before the expedition and our emotional and very well accompanied departure from Terceira Island!

In this second episode, you will live with us during the 16 days crossing from the Azores to Greenland!

You will see some of the most beautiful encounters we have seen in our life and experiment a storm!

In this third episode, you will see the wilderness of Greenland, be amazed by the Iceberg and the humpack whales!

We will go around the south of Greenland until Nuuk! Enjoy the ride in this amazing country!

Please visit our youtube channel : Atlas expeditions to see other exclusive videos of the trip!

In this great video, Arnaud is talking to l’illustré magazine and explaining our trip !

If you are interested to collaborate with us, don’t hesitate to contact us!


They speak about us!


They talk about us!

All of these podcasts were made before the expedition!

Arnaud’s interview with RTS talking about the expedition

Richard’s interview with RTBS

Virginie’s Interview with les frappés